Daniel Hogenbirk

Like many people who grew up with their parents in the construction industry, Daniel got started working on construction sites early, at the age of 12 years old.  Working in landscaping at this age taught him how to work hard and persevere during difficult projects.  The year after completing his undergraduate degree the sale of his parents company fell through and he was presented the opportunity to purchase the company with his brother-in-law Bill.  During this year Daniel discovered he had a passion for business and construction and decided to pursue this opportunity.

Daniel and Bill were presented with some immediate challenges with the existing business.  Several divisions were identified as operating at a loss and increasing industry pressure in snow plowing/removal made this an increasingly challenging division.  Looking for potential solutions Daniel discovered the potential in interior construction and real estate investing.  In 2018 they invested in several duplex conversions to start training their team on the process of interior renovations.  By 2022 they were able to grow their real estate company and teams skill sets enough to divest of the poorly performing divisions and permanently get out of the snow industry. 

  Daniel continues to live in one of the apartments that  North Lakes has created to this day, allowing him to keep his costs down to re-invest into the company and to achieve financial freedom at an early age.

He puts a strong emphasis on education to help bring fresh ideas to the company. He regularly takes courses, participates in clubs, attends networking events, and consumes educational content in order to find pertinent information and connections that will help continue to expand the business. 

When Daniel is not working in the company he enjoys spending his time outdoors.  His father is an avid eco-tourist and Daniel grew up traveling to exotic locations looking for wildlife.  Currently he has a goal of photographing all species of big cats in the wild.